Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The awful truth about television heavy tv watchers are twice as likely to be obese

The Awful Truth About Television: "Heavy" TV watchers are twice as likely to be obese

Studies show that watching too much TV makes adults and children obese. Learn why and what you can do about it. Part 3 of "The Awful Truth About Television" series.

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Studies show: TV makes you fat

This large amount of time spent motionlessly staring at a screen is also hazardous to your health and girth. Numerous studies show a relationship between TV watching and obesity. The most striking were several studies published in The American Journal of Public Health. These studies found that people who watched three or more hours of television per day were almost twice as likely to be obese than people who watched less than one hour per day. Men, women, and children all had similar results. The waistlines of men, women, and children are all victims of their TV-watching habit.

40 studies found children's TV watching was related to weight

Reviewing 40 recent studies involving TV and childhood obesity, a Kaiser Permanente study found a definite link between the amount of time children watch TV and their weight. The review also found that interventions that reduce childrens media time resulted in weight loss.

It is common sense that TV will likely make you heavier

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